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Jean Linehan BA(Hons)  

Practising in London and the South-East.
Garden Designer    
  If you wish to engage the services of a professional Garden Designer the following stages illustrate the typical sequence:  
Brief, site analysis and appraisal, Survey, Concept Plans, Detailed Scale Plans, Planting Plan, Aftercare, Construction
1 Brief, site analysis and appraisal

This first consultation gives the opportunity to discuss the problems and opportunities of the site and lists all your requirements and defines your expectations.

Survey Compass
2 Survey

A photographic survey will be carried out and also a soil test. Measurements will be taken. (Larger sites and complicated levels will be contracted out to a specialist company.)

3 Concept Plans

Up to three scaled rough drawings with diffent design solutions are produced for your perusal. At this stage further considerations and amendments can be discussed.
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Concept Plans Pencils Detailed Scale Plan

4 Detailed Scale Plan

A full rendered plan is produced with information on main features and materials to be used in the design.

5 Axonometric projections and Perspective visualisations.

In addition to the scaled plan, 3D images of the intended design will be produced to show the experience of the space in the design.
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Perspective Visualisation
6 Planting Plan & Postal Service

A full planting plan will be produced with full botanical names, quantities and spacing. A planting schedule is also included on this drawing with specifications. Great care will be taken to select the appropriate plant for the conditions on site.

Consultations can be given with regards to existing planting with evaluations on condition and suitability.

Planting Plan
Planting Plan
7 Aftercare

Information sheets can be produced for all planting material used in the design, these will include a description and maintenance specific to the design.

Construction Drawings
8 Construction Drawings

These working drawings can be produced to make clear any construction work that is to be carried out, and to allow estimating quantities and costs for the design.
Each service is offered as a single package and therefore charged separately.

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